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Sun Harvest - your new PV-System

Harness the power of the sun

Your new Solar System from the first planning to the finished PV-System on your roof.

Photovoltaic Systems are the core of a modern and decentralized energy supply. PV-Systems convert the sun's energy into electrical energy using the photoelectric effect.

The main components of a Photovoltaic System are Photovoltaic Modules and the Inverter.

In addition, you need numerous small parts for the roof attachment and for the electrical connection.

Our high-quality Photovoltaic Modules convert solar energy into electrical energy on your roof.
This electricity can be used directly or optionally stored temporarily in an electricity storage system. With up to 85% you are independent of the electricity price. 


We are your partner for your new Solar System from the initial planning to the finished system on your roof.

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