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PI-WOOD, unique manufacture.

PI-WOOD is a manufactory located in the heart of Kashubia, Poland.

Each piece of furniture coming out of it is unique, handmade, designed exactly according to the wishes of its future owner.

Our main activity is handicraft, which creates tables and other elements of interior design from different kinds of wood

combined with epoxy resin and steel elements.

The addition of resin in our crafts perfectly emphasizes the natural beauty of wood, protects it, and at the same time gives

an individual character to the entire interior in which it will be placed.

You can have an impact on every detail of the resulting piece of furniture from the dimensions, type of wood, choice of resin color,

and finishing touches.

Whether you are a fan of classics, minimalism, or like us eclecticism, we promise to fit and shine in your favorite space.

Creating a new piece of furniture is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive project, often requiring many revisions

to get the perfect result – so more often than not, you’ll have to wait a while for it to come to fruition.


Do not worry, we promise that the final effect will dazzle you and all your guests.


You can be sure that you will not find the same in anyone else.

If you don’t have a flair for design, show us your interior, describe the functionality you need and your expectations,

and we will try to advise you.


We hope that the ever-growing gallery of our completed projects and photos of customers

will be an inspirtion to you.







The table is the heart of the house.

It's the place for family dinners, for meetings

with friends, for celebrations on special occasions.

Here we laugh, have lively discussions and enjoy a culinary feast.

Coffee tables





The customer's trust allowed us to

experimenting with shape and form.


The amber color came from the idea

embedding a piece of wood in resin –

as it occurs in nature.


The beautiful coloring of the wood grain was achieved with a very high-quality and shiny hard wax coating.

Round coffee tables


Wood disc tables are among those
most beautiful coffee tables.


Their uniqueness lies in the slight influence of the creator on their form.


As a result, the beauty of the wood

most truthfully rendered.


In particular, the choice of socket is here

of great importance, because a unique piece of furniture is only created as a whole.

Stół konsola.jpg
Console tables




A bar?

A dressing table?

Or maybe a DJ booth?


The stylish console will stand out in


prove these functions.

Ideally staged in front of a mirror,

a comfortable seat or stools.










You can have a perfect duet in

harmony with a table

form the same material.


But they can also be independent of each other, the perpetual passing away

measure time in your home or other space.

Further products




Sometimes we come up with crazy

ones ideas.


Ideas that we want to implement in

order to to make them a reality.


The amount of time and effort that

goes into such a project is often

disproportionate, but the results

all the more amazing.

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