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Our import and export specialists provide individual advice and help to create well-engineered solutions with optimal benefits - also for your company. With a focus on clear structures and adherence to schedules, all of our projects can be implemented quickly and successfully.



In many cases, companies use the help of Opoto GmbH import and export specialists, especially for cross-border transactions.


The benefits of engaging a

Opoto GmbH import and exportthere are many specialists in the field of import-export.


In addition, an Opoto GmbH familiar with the region will import and exportspecialists are more likely to have the cultural and linguistic understanding needed to successfully sell a product.


Opoto GmbH deals with the import and export, among others in the area:

- Sunflower and Rapeseed Oil

- Tomato concentrate

- Soft drinks

- Citrus fruits

- Fruit juices

- Steel & Scrap Copper




and many other products on request.




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