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Our import and export specialists provide individual advice and help to create well-engineered solutions with optimal benefits - also for your company. With a focus on clear structures and adherence to schedules, all of our projects can be implemented quickly and successfully.

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Copper Millberry is clean, bare, non-alloyed, cold-stripped
(not burnt) and rigid wire with a diameter of at least 1 mm.
Free from coated material (free from coatings of any kind
such as paint, varnish, metal, etc.)
Millberry - copper blanck I
are 1 mm thick. The copper must be bare, pure and
shiny red-gold-yellow.
It must not be oxidized - i.e. have a black-greenish patina
layer or be contaminated with oil, grease or varnish.
Millberry is most commonly found as peeled copper cables.
Copper wires with insulation must be separated from it mechanically,
so that you can then call it Millberry.







Opoto GmbH deals with the import and export of:

-Copper scrap

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The copper cathode is the basic product of copper production

and raw material for further processing into high-quality copper products with a Cu content of at least 99.99%.

The copper square, which weighs between 50 and 100 kg, is created by separating pure copper from raw copper in an electrolytic refining process. 

Copper cathodes with certain maximum levels of impurities

are also registered and traded on the London Metal Exchange and Comex.


High-quality copper is characterized by the lowest levels of impurities, even the smallest amounts

in the ppm range of selenium, bismuth or antimony

strongly influence conductivity.






















The cathode brands we sell correspond

the cathode standards:

LME Grade A, Cu-KATH-1 (DIN EN 1978) and

Copper Cathodes Grade 1 (ASTM B115).


Our cathode manufacturers are carefully checked,

so that we have a high level of purity and consistent quality

of the product. 


Depending on customer requirements, the cathodes can be

We deliver the following dimensions:

Sheet dimensions:

914mm x 914mm x 12mm

(LME standard)

Weight of each sheet:

125kg (+/- 1%) net

Weight of a pallet:

2 Mts (+/- 1%) minimum.

Opoto GmbH deals with the import and export of:

-Copper Kathodes

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